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The Division of Consumer Affairs and the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, will extend the expiration date of all Fire Alarm Licenses, Burglar Alarm Licenses, and Locksmith Licenses with an expiration date of August 31, 2016 to September 30, 2016. We are extending the expiration dates to ensure that licensees experience no interruption in their employment as the Division integrates a new computerized licensing systems. Individuals may renew their licenses for 30 days after the September 30, 2016 expiration date, but will be assessed a late fee.

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There are some rare occasions where some municipalities are not honoring our license because they feel that we are not allowed to do certain type of work. These issues can be very frustrating to resolve at times.  These issues can be resolved by either by going through the Consumer Affairs Alarm Licensing Committee or through Community Affairs Division of Code and Standards. Please see the example below whereby one of our dealers resolved their issue through Consumer Affairs Alarm Licensing Committee. They have asked us to share their resolve with all of you.

At Issue: This Alarm Company who holds a valid Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm Business Licensed was being denied a permit to replace magnetic locks on an access control system. The reason given for denying a permit was they needed to be a licensed Locksmith. The correspondence below shows a chain of events to resolve this issue in a positive manor even though it took two weeks to resolve. Reference Sections; 13:31A-1.2, 13:31A-1.14(a)4,   13.31A-3.7

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